A Thank You From Stone & Snow

A heartfelt thank you is in order to each and every person who donated to our album. We did not know what to expect as we began this campaign, and you’ve overwhelmed us with your generosity. We started the campaign with a goal of $2,500– enough to give us a good head start. We ended the campaign with $4,383. (!!!!!) We’ve put everything into this music, and we are so, so excited to share it with you.

Stay tuned to the Stone & Snow Facebook page or join our mailing list (link to the right) for updates and announcements regarding the release date and shows.

Thank you again. Sincerely. Hashtag folkyeah!

Karen & Clint, Stone & Snow

New Full-Length Album in the works!

Let’s make a record! We are in the process of making our debut full-length album, and we need your help! Visit our IndieGoGo campaign to contribute and pre-order the album. We can’t wait to get these new songs in your ears!

Click to donate to our debut album: http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow

NEW Summer 2014 Show: Taste of Chicago!

We’re thrilled to have been chosen by the City of Chicago to play Taste of Chicago this summer! Sunday, July 13th is the Taste’s Country/Americana day, and we’ll hit the Bud Light Stage from 1:30-2:30pm. The Taste of Chicago is a free event, and more information is available on the City of Chicago’s website

Stone & Snow at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

Summer show announcement! Karen will be performing a showcase at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN on July 17! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep us with all the new show announcements. Tickets/reservations for the Bluebird Cafe show will be on sale in early July on the Bluebird Cafe’s website.

New Spring 2014 Show Announcement!

We’ve been asked to open for Dan Hubbard and The Humadors at The Castle Theatre in Bloomington on April 4th! We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Dan — tickets are just $10! Ticket link and more info is on our shows page.

We did it! One last big shout out to Dave & Nikki, Nick, Jamie & Sarah, AJ & Jayme, Barney L Franzen V, Tom & Becca, Ariele, Alex & Elia, and Ben & Lucinda! We are overwhelmed by the support of EVERYONE who donated to this record. We cant wait to share it with you! #folkyeahThank you for supporting our music, Andy! Tomorrow is the last round of shout outs because today is the absolute very LAST DAY to be a part of our debut album! Visit http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow to join us! #stoneandsnow #indiegogo #music #folkyeah #folkThank you, Drew and those that wish to remain anonymous. :-) We are overwhelmed. http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow #crowdfund #indiegogo #stoneandsnow #folkyeahOur debut album funders hail from 14 states! Amazing!! http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow #stoneandsnow #map #hawaii #vermont #portland #wisconsin #illinois #usa #indiegogo #crowdfund #fundme #folk #followme #musicBig thanks today to Ken, Mateo and Josh! Sometimes shout out promises are made and cats have to make good on them. Like a picture of Pixel cuddling with a picture of Josh holding him. http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow #indiegogo #indie #music #cat #cats #folk #stoneandsnow #crowdfundDale is now officially a folkrockstar. Thanks Dale! http://igg.me/at/stoneandsnow #stoneandsnow #indiegogo #crowdfund #banjo #deering